Award winning, comfortable mattresses

Eve Sleep is a public company pioneer of luxury sleep solutions, promising the perfect start to every day thanks to a guaranteed great night’s sleep. Eve was created to challenge everything the sleepy mattress industry represents. As such, it is more than a mattress. It is a pioneer for change, an advocate for ease and a champion for fairness. They created eve to revolutionise every aspect of buying one of the most important items in your home.

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Key results


Increase in monthly sales


New subscribers on IG & FB






The opportunity

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Strong brand and marketing in Europe – digital-first, through AdWords, Facebook, retargeting, offline display ads and eventually TV. Scaling beyond cart abandonment to product views with acceptable ROAS was very difficult before working with Voltn. The company used retargeting ads to target website visitors to drive them to complete their purchase. With Voltn’s reccomandation to use Criteo, the company was able to target effectively in Google's Display Network (GDN) only.

The strategy

With two-thirds of all product searches starting on Google, eve sleep team realized that it was a vital space for their brand.

We started by carrying out an in-depth audit of eve sleep's Google existing activity and uncovered several areas to make an immediate impact. Voltn optimized eve sleep's listings, and also focused on Shopping ads which were used to showcase all of their products, thereby acting as a hub for consistent brand experience.

Following this, Voltn also addressed the high cost of advertising on Google, by creating strategic campaigns that targeted both brand defense and high-converting category keywords.

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The success

By consistently targeting visitors who were highly engaged with product pages using Voltn’s audience segmentation abilities, they were able to easily focus on high-value visitors for retargeting campaigns, scaling their always-on campaigns effectively beyond cart abandonment audiences targeting highly engaged visitors who viewed a product page.

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Online sales within 10 months


Incremental revenue since launch



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