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Bring in happy customers & increase retention consistently, on autopilot.
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For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you’re getting $42 back on average.
Our Email & SMS Marketing Services are designed to help you leave competitors in the dust. We’ll help you grow revenue, maintain brand awareness, increase retention & lifetime value. When paired with traffic generation tactics like PPC and SEO, it can turn traffic into revenue along with many other insights you can’t get from simple visits to your website.
Plus, unlike most agencies, we don’t lock you in long-term contracts. Our short sprints bring in revenue for you consistently over the short-term. 

8 Amazing Email Marketing Benefits

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Product launches

You can promote new products with ease, getting them in front of customers who are hungry to buy.

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Personalizing your messaging is like writing a love letter - it shows your customers that you care about them and want to make them happy. By tailoring your campaigns to their interests and needs, you can get more clicks, sales, and happier replies.

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Brand awareness

Keep your brand top-of-mind & build a fanbase that loves everything you do

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Increases CLV,

Emails keep your customers happy, engaged and they’ll keep coming back for more.

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Nurtures relationships

By creating personalized experiences and showing your customers that you value their feedback and opinions, you can increase trust and loyalty.

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Increase sales and scale your business while you sleep

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Reviews & UGC

By encouraging your customers to share their feedback and testimonials, you can create social proof that will attract new customers and build trust.

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Gather feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is like taking a temperature check - it lets you know how your brand is doing..

Our work is done in 4 sprints

Step 1


Comprehensive action plan to optimize your accounts for more revenue

Step 2


Map out an action plan & buyer journey to make sure your campaigns resonate with your target audience

Step 3


Systems that skyrocket sales, on autopilot

Step 4


Split test headlines, angles, and launch new campaigns that increase sales

Take the hassle out of email marketing with our end-to-end services

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Buyer journey mapping

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Persona development

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Automation mapping

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Email Copywriting

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SMS Marketing

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Editorial calendar

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Split testing

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Hear from our partners

98% Customer Satisfaction survey

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Based on 100 reviews

Kevin Le Roux
Kevin Le RouxCo-Founder & CEO, 27 Rosiers
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We tried multiple marketing agencies prior to hiring Voltn, and we never had a company take the time to get to know us and recalibrate our goals like they have. They helped us focus audience tactics on retargeting and lookalike campaigns, leading to a 34% decrease in CPA and a 75% increase in sales.
Josefina Garat
Josefina GaratMarketing & Analytics Director at Eve Sleep
Read More
We turned to Voltn to develop our digital strategy for the online. They helped to reimagine our brand’s digital retail experience, from customer journeys and revenue streams to content and partnerships. While we’re in the process of going public our ROAS ended up being double what we’d targeted.leading to a 34% decrease in CPA and a 75% increase in sales.
Lisa & Jessica Kistermann
Lisa & Jessica KistermannFounders & CEO, CRIME LONDON
Read More
Working with Voltn for almost two years led to dramatic increases in online sales and community engagement for our young brand. Their target audience development was really key in boosting our sales 180%. We highly recommend working with them!
Alessandro Rovere
Alessandro RovereFounder & CEO, AMANO
Read More
As a startup, we knew that we needed to get into the social media game, but we just didn’t have the time or the know-how. We now have one of the largest social media campaigns in our niche with over 15k followers in each channel. The Voltn team delivers on-time, and with quality.
Pietro Brembilla
Pietro BrembillaPresident & CEO, Sogno Toscano
Read More
Francesco, Alessandro and the team have done a fantastic job transitioning our company from B2B to B2C, driving over $1.25M online sales in less than a year, and during a pandemic. They don’t just do ads and content, they’ve been our strategic growth partners. Grazie mille!

Free Email Audit

We’ll analyze your email accounts & give you actionable ideas on how to optimize them for more sales.
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We’re obsessed with results

Reporting tailored to your store

When we start managing your e-commerce PPC campaigns, we set initial goals for return on ad spend (ROAS), ROI (return on investment including our fees).
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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of your list, product positioning, and awareness of the brand. For well established brands, our team can have an impact within 3 months of starting a campaign. For newer brands with no list, it can take a bit longer and is dependent on what content you have to add value to your audience.

Hiring a specialist gives you a unique edge due to the experience you gain from the other side of the partnership. Experience helps us understand what works and what doesn’t and allows us to be nimble with ever present changes.

No. We work in short marketing sprints and believe in building trust through results to earn your business in the future

We can either provide you a strategy which you can execute or we have a done-for-you option. Our team of copywriters handle the storytelling and for things like banners and video, we work with a team of your choosing.

Results, goals, communication, strategy, transparency, and a team size appropriate for your brand.

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Growth is just one marketing plan away

This depends on the age of the domain and level of competition for selected keywords. For a newer domain, it can take a bit longer for initial results since your site is indexed at a slower rate than an aged domain. We typically see initial results from our work within the first 5-7 months of our engagement.
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